Friday, March 06, 2015

Salmon lasagna - Salmagna!

Spring is coming!

To brighten up our weekly meal plans as well as our mood (I have been quite gloomy this week because Sam is teething and enjoys to be carried around all day long (including naps, god forbid I try to put her in bed .. )).
so I was browsing hypermarket  and thinking about the good old boring (well our regular, kid approved) meals and i ran in to salmon and so the idea of my own salmagna was born :)
few hours later it was baked and minutes after that it was gone. to be clear - it wasn't just four of us who ate it.. Sam loved it, but I am not sure Oli even tried it because he saw grandma with the cake just before we sat down for dinner...

but the fact it disappeared so fast means it was good and will be reappearing in our weekly meal plans :)
and hopefully next time there won't be any distractions and Oli will at least try it .. (he is going through some weird phase. if we let him he would eat only cookies and drink milk .. just like Santa Claus :D)

500g Salmon
500g spiced ketchup / tomato sauce (I used Spilva's Tomātu mērce makaroniem)
2 carrots
200g cheese
3tblsp flour
1l milk
250ml water
9 pieces lasagna noodles

1. cut salmon in 0.5cm slices

2. grind carrots. put them as a first layer in the pan.

3. mix water and tomato sauce. put the layer of this sauce.

4. put the layer of salmon.

5. make a cheese sauce. mix milk and flour, heat them till milk starts to thicken. add grated cheese. put a layer of this sauce over previous layers.

6. put layer of lasagna pasta.

7. repeat steps 1-6 two more times. sprinkle a bit of grated cheese all over it and put it in oven for 40min.

8. take it out and enjoy the view :)
let it cool and serve after about 10 - 20 min.

Bon apetit!

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