Tuesday, February 17, 2015

There is more than one color in this row! ;)

Here is my current wip (work in progress).

I call it Sam's universe, because I hope that this will be first blanket for my baby girl that she doesn't throw away during her naps … she loves twirling around the bed and all of previously tried blankets have been recognized just as obstacles :D

Original pattern is called Sophie's Universe and is well written and just fabulous!
It is a CAL (crochet along) so far there is 6 weeks but there will be 20 - it is gonna be a fabulous blanket :)

But here in this blog post I wanted to talk about the tulip row from week 5 (round 39) because I wanted to make colorful tulips and that's what I did!

I used 3 threads at once :)
every other tulip is in different color.
I change color in between tulips. I make one chain with yarn from the previously made tulip and switch to yarn I am going to use for the next one for the other chain stitch necessary for the gap between tulips.
I have just 6 yarn ends (3 from beginning of the circle and 3 from the end) to weave in.
In the middle I just switch yarns from one tulip to another and carry the unused yarn in the back.

And then the round 40 will cover all of the "loose ends" :)

I have used similar method when I made my bunny, but there I worked with sc so I could hide the unused yarn in the same row. And there were a block I made for BigBrightBlanket where I could have used this method too but somehow made it more difficult for myself and chained the background yarn...
what can I say - live and learn!

and here some more pics just for fun :)

Happy crafting!

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