Friday, February 08, 2019

pattern release: WavyC2C

That NEW big thing everyone has been waiting for is here! 😜

You can buy the pattern on etsy or ravelry :)

Tell a bit more you ask?
- this is new way of making corner to corner crochet!
Still as simple as always with few alterations that change the look and possibly even the way you think ...
Normally when you work on c2c you cast on 3ch and make 3dc's, but for Wavy one stitch length and count almost always changes (but not to worry in pdf there is chart & written pattern to start your blanket as well as simple rules to work on it and not go crazy counting).
& I get how important it is to get the colors just right – changes everything! so in addition to pattern pdf I've made additional files for semi automatic coloring so you could play for a while and pick your color combination 😉

just a few more pics ...

And again you can buy the pattern on etsy or ravelry :)

Happy crafting! ;)


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