Monday, August 12, 2019

Tribute to Granny Square day :)

Last year I made a Starfish granny square for crocheters favourite holiday - Granny Square Day - dreamt up by amazing Susan @suregal27 :)

And well obviously thought that there should be blanket of all the coolest 4 round granny squares there is so I started hooking! Granny Square Tribute blanket - sounds nice right :)
Finding 4 row granny squares was quite a challenge tough .. but do not fear - I have quite a few great patterns linked to this blanket in my ravelry project page so do not hesitate and go check them out ;)
for some i tweaked the patterns a bit or made just first few rounds tough ..

Some unique and cool squares I could not link in ravelry:

Heart granny square by Mandy @crochetbyredagape ;
* Chrismas bells square by Frederika @frederikacreates ;
Drunkards path by @attysloveforcrochet (actually I did my own version of it because I had thought about it and made it pretty much the same time she did - great minds think alike :D )

And there where a few I recreated from pics of last years granny square day tag #GrannySquareDay2018 ... and a few that was pure random something that resulted in a square :D

When I was looking for the last perfect squares for my tribute blanket I found out about Nadia from YARNutopia who had made 365 grannysquares ! through the year - amazing work! and she has linked them all in the blogpost - so go check that out too ;)

Happy crafting!

Don't quit

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