Tuesday, July 23, 2019


First take.

Inspiration: LOVE cushion by @misterdomestic& as it turns out it originated from #colorblocklovequilt designed by @huntersds
So now i’m recreating it in crochet as well as changing some things - but the message is still there.

I started with a V because I felt that my Solid granny diamond pattern will fit perfectly - and it did! :)
(I joined those 3 parts like I joined Triangular madness triangles tough to add some texture to the surface)
After that I worked on V to draw out L .. more or less a quarter square but I worked from outside so quite a bit of improvisation..

After L was ready I added O .. witch could be basically any square you would like to stand there .. but next time I'm trying this I'm gonna use the quarter squares to tilt O as seen in picture above, because that looks soooo much cooler now that I come to think of it :)

 And well, then came E and the improvisation again but now in straight rows.

For next time:
1. do each letter seperately and just then join them (flat zipper method most probably)
2. make tilted O ;)
3. make L look more like original design!
4. use less colors for E..

Happy crafting! ;)

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