Saturday, May 09, 2020

Nobody's perfect shawl :)

Perfect imperfection!
Shawl of colour play and happiness & me :)

Amazing Emma from Potter&Bloom came up with this easy to follow recipe for mindless crochet and random colour play saying "LIVING IMPERFECTLY ON PURPOSE".

Normally I like to pick my colours out and usually all my colour choices are planned out (yes, even the seemingly random ones I've made before like all my Scrappy rugs) so this idea of complete randomness seemed a bit scary at first, but I really enjoyed it and some random colour choices that seemed impossible to crochet and I almost frogged them .. thank god I didn't!

I now love the weird ones (that I would have NEVER picked out myself) even more than the completely normal ones! shocker!

Soooo for this one I used leftovers from both WavyC2C blankets (the original and Spots & Dots version) AND I have a bit yarn still left so I might be able to finish my granny version of this randomness :)

For granny shaped randomness scarf I'm using my long granny diamond blankets corner piece motif so it is right angled triangle that forms asymmetrical shawl :)

Happy Crafting!
& Happy Mothers day!!!

My kid said that I look really young in this picture (that I took the same day as other pictures of me :D ) so I'm sharing that one as well ->

Have amazing day wonderful, powerful mammas out there! ;)


  1. Dear Sany, thank you for this beautiful pattern. I would like to ask you for permission to translate your free patterns for the 1800 members of my Facebook group. Many love your patterns, but unfortunately do not understand the English language, so I would like to translate the patterns into Dutch, of course I mention in the translation that it is your pattern and refer them to your websites and if you want I can also send the translations, so that you can place them on your websties. Kind regards, Anneke de Wilde

    1. Hi Anneke,
      This sounds great!
      Yes you can translate and share my free patterns with links to me ;)
      Also this particular shawl I am wearing is not my own pattern but Potter and bloom.
      Stay safe!
      Sany (I check emails more frequently so please write me to