Monday, February 08, 2021

Pattern release: Echo blanket

Echo blanket uses simple stitches to form narrow petals …
Get your pattern pdf on ravelry for just one euro ! ;)

I often use yarn and crocheting to calm my mind and in this lockdown life all of us need more peace .. especially if you, like me, have homeschooling on top of everything else .. I prefer mindless crochet when I’m stressed out so I’ve created blanket with simple rules to follow and written out first 18 rounds to help you find your peace during these stressful times.Pattern pdf includes 8 pages of:
  • pictures and written instructions for first 18 rounds;
  • rules as I call them, or recipe that shows where increases are made, so you would not have to follow the instructions but could let your hands make stitches while you are busy with your kids math and stuff ;)
Hope this lockdown blanket helps you find inner peace!
Get your pattern pdf on ravelry or become my patron - this blanket pattern I have shared with all my patrons as a bonus ;)

And more importantly - have fun! ;)


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