Thursday, February 18, 2021

Labyrinth Pillowcase

 Hi :)

Last year just before Christmas I was gifted a box of yarn from Sirdar :)

and now I'm going to show you the first thing I've made with those happy balls.

1 ball of Sirdar CountryClassic - Ginger - or in colour of your choice ;)
4,5 mm hook
1/2 ball of Sirdar Adventure - Polar - or in colour of your choice ;)
7 mm hook

so you could make one too ;)

  • Take your measurements! or have more yarn at your disposal ...
I skipped this step so instead of square I had yarn just for rectangle and had to look for another pillow... I'm guessing that if I had made just 49 fch instead of 64fch I would have had enough yarn to form a square;
  • Crochet base:
when you work with Country Clasic yarn, take 4,5 mm hook

Foundation chain 64, ch 3, dc in each of fch. That will give you 65 dc length ;)

Turn. ch 3 (counts as first dc), dc in each st.
repeat this line 28 times! ;) & now you have 29 rows of base.

  • Embellishment: basically sl st over base however you would like ;)
when you work with Adventure yarn, take 7 mm hook
    • Horizontal lines are formed when you are working on the dc row - so place slip stitches in spaces between dc's. I formed my loops over 2 dc's!

    • Vertical lines are formed when you are working over rows - making each loop of sl st in new line between same dc's.

For me, there is just one more thing to do - actually sew it on the pillowcase :)
Knowing me thought .. it might get stuck in the infinitely loooong "To DO" list .. but as my kids have seen it and love the squishiness of Adventure they might persuade me to finish it sooner rather than later :)

Happy Crafting!