Friday, March 12, 2021

We had some Lego fun

What it is
Is adventurous.
What it is
Is inventive.
What it is
Is satisfaction.


These photos are inspired by 40year old ad of Lego for Woman's day ..
I did not see the ad way back then, but now me&kids had fun lego filled weekend imagining & making things :)
We do this quite often when the weather is bad .. or boredom hits .. or both :D
and as it's raining now we'll probably play with lego this weekend too :) 

Most of the time we forget to photograph our creations, but this time we just had to :)

+ Some more photos of my kids ->

Every time I see them happy playing together my heart sings.

And a bit more of tiny one .. she really wanted to take photos that day :D 
so she threw tantrums every time I asked her to allow Sam or Oli be in a spotlight for a moment. 

+ My boy sending you joy with tulip he made for Woman's day ;)

P.S. Happy Women's day 🌷
on 8th march and every day ;)
I did post some of these photos on time over on instagam...

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