Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Pattern release: Flower Vortex

Lucky st. pattern release day!
Pattern now available on etsy and ravelry ;)

These simple Flower hexagons are fun to make and are placed next to each other slightly turned as if forming a whirlpool - hence the name Vortex! ;)Pattern pdf consists of 9 pages of written instructions (US crochet terms), including picture for each round. Instructions are clear and simple so anyone can make it!

The placement allows flowers to fall in place naturally as if there is a bit of chaos in the distinctive hexagon placement versus the tiny order in chaos of everyday life...

If after reading and trying out you have any additional questions - contact me and I will answer you as soon as possible ;)

Pattern is available on etsy and ravelry ;)
Also for DK patreons on my patreon page - Flower vortex is "pattern of the month" ! ;)

Enjoy Flower Vortex! ;)


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    1. paldies :)
      jā pavasaris tuvojas ;)

  2. Hi Sany, reference yourC2C Scrappy Rug, what type and weight and yarn did you use for it. I think it’s beautiful by the way.
    Kind regards Kathie x