Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Last years garden bunting! :)

Last year for my birthday (and the rest of the summer of course) I made bunting for the first time ever! It looked so cheerful and made the garden look more mine (that was important to me because at that time we didn't live in the house jet, we just used the garden) :)
And of course I have an idea for this years bunting too (coming up soon) - must be quick celebration time is almost here :D

And it cost me next to nothing :P
I used two old jeans (red and violet) from "reuse basket" and some cheap fabric I had bought in store where they sell all kind of fabric scraps on weight.

I just cut the triangles, rearranged them randomly and sew to the long ribbon ... sewing part took me almost two hours straight .. and the cutting probably more, but it was done over previous month in background while doing all kind of stuff with my kids.

Happy crafting - happy summer! ;)

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