Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Letter of the week: P

Figured out we didn't need to go trough letters alphabetically and well next one we ran across was P.
and this is what we did ;)

We (me and Sam) went to Hesburger for a our First ever (Pirmo reizi) meal (Pusdienas) just us two in restaurant ... we picked Hesburger because kids meal had plus-plus toys in it (this is where we figured out that next letter should be P) ... and I love burgers but I think I like those plus-plus toys more :D so I ate cheeseburger and drank milk (piens) as well as Sam and we built our first P right on the spot ;)

Then we came home and played with Puzzles (puzles

and while she took her nap (pusdienslaiks) I played wit plus-plus some more :)

By the end of the week we had drawn and colored: Flowers (Puķe) and a lot of P's ;)

Peppa Pig t-shirt in the playground :) climbing up first time on sort of Swedish wall entirely on her own... Happy kid - proud momma ;)

Learning should be fun! ;)

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