Tuesday, April 26, 2016

what I found out about double-knitting..

It is not that hard once you try it but it obviously takes at least twice the time you would spend knitting normally ... and it is worth it! you get two-sided piece of magic ;)
I wanted to make my own circular Latvian scarf, but o well ... while trying little pieces to figure this double knitting thing out I made a tiny blanket for Sam's doll...
And then came a painful discovery .. the dimensions in knitting are 2x stitches 3x rows to make it a square so anything that is not mr. simpletons is either squished or have to be really thought through... and this time I wasn't up for over-thinking .. shocking! So I postponed that latvian circular scarf ..

Well that dimensions thing might not be the case with thiner yarn, but I've not jet tested my theory ...
There are some more pics from my knitting adventures and almost finished dolls blanket ... they all where taken last year when I made it. I would have taken new pics with finished one but I can't seem to find it ... my cutie pie princess must have hidden it somewhere real good :D

Btw, I casted on with both yarn strands so that the double-knitted piece would stick together and I knitted that last stitch (2 loops!) on each row with both strands of yarn as well for the same reason. And of course I finished off each piece knitting with both strands through 2 loops ;)
All the other stitches you must knit with only the yarn from real side, that can be quite confusing in the beginning .. But after a while you get witch loop is from witch side and witch yarn strand you need right now. At my third test piece I already could hold each yarn strand on different finger and then the color switch was easier and of course faster ;)

I am off to find that tiny blanket as it would be perfect for doll stroller to keep our plastic friend warm and cosy on long walks around the house ;D

Happy Crafting! and playing around ;)

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