Monday, April 04, 2016

letter of the week

My kids are now 2 and almost 4 years old and they like to type on computer. They already now the O (as Oli letter) and S (as Sam's letter)...
As we moved last summer we have not jet found a place for our alphabet wall. and all letters at once is hard to remember so I thought we should make a new feature at our house - a letter of the week!
so far we have visited A and B ... not sure they now know them .. I would prefer them writing these letters of the week but all in good time. we will revisit them after half year and no doubt by then they both will have shown me how they find it easier to remember letters.

For now I exhibit the letter somewhere and we talk about it.. I say some words that starts with that particular letter .. but till the end of the week even I can't find where the letter has gone off to ... So I plan to make a pin board from cork and an old frame I just happen to have to place the letter and pictures of stuff that starts with that particular letter.

hopefully that will help them understand the concept of a lot of stuff starting with the same letter. I know they struggle because Sam says S is her letter and doesn't agree with me when I say that my name Sanita starts with the same one .. and Oli sometimes still struggles accepting that we all share the same surname (witch was brought on by letter B) :D

Lets all learn something today! ;P

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