Monday, April 04, 2016

Random rambling: money

I am now looking for ways to earn some money and still be a stay at home mommy ...
During summer there is vacation from kindergarden and during the winter when there is kindergarden my kids are 98% at home anyway (one, the other or both of them coughing, snotting or vomiting) even tough I hope next year will be a bit better I am not jet looking for a job from 9 to 5 ...
But I do love to eat and I wish to make it a tad easier on my hubby as the only provider for the family.. so I have joined the AdSense and I am currently allowing them to place some ads here in my space ...
I do get that with the stats that I have there is no way I could ever make enough of the "right clicks" for at least weeks grocery shopping, but you have to save every penny to get a buck, so please click on the ads when you visit ;)

And the other thing, I have returned to writing pattern for my triangular madness blankets (and yes I know I started it last year but better late than never :P ) to make it available to buy in ravelry or maybe etsy .. lets see how that will go ..
Have you ever bought a pattern?
Would you buy mine?
I have never bought a pattern myself but I have seriously considered that .. maybe I should?

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