Saturday, April 09, 2016

Random rambling: Trial and error

How often do you try to reinvent the wheel?

Just think about it for a moment ...

I love making something special! Something my own. just yesterday I tried to make a slouchy hat in granny (square?) style ... well by mistake of adding to much stitches in the beginning I actually made a fitting hat :D and thank god I love it and I am going to wear it :)
Will write a post about that bit later .. actually now I wanted to write about my latest crochet obsession Honey Comb Variations as I call them :)
I spent almost two weeks crocheting and frogging and crocheting and throwing aside and crocheting and frogging and ... well you get the point ... I loved the process of creation even thou there were times I was frustrated and angry and I thought it is impossible to make what I had envisioned ... and then after a while it just worked! And when the pieces just happened to fit together i was startled and had to pause for two days just to believe that it really actually works :)
Now I am procrastinating with the pattern writing and I can't decide how thorough it should be ...

This is just a tip of the iceberg of all the half done not just there yet crochet pieces ...
And further is more revealing photo of what is this all about although I think the name Honey Comb Variations says it all ...

And here is just a pic I love from my playing around :)

Happy crafting!

By the way - do you like following already available patterns or you prefer making your own?

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