Thursday, April 14, 2016

Letter of the week C

This is the first post I'm gonna write half latvian ... just because there are not that many words starting with the same letter and meaning the same thing in both english and latvian ... (and obviously right now I am teaching my kids latvian, english will come later when they are a bit older)

This is a pic I took for instagram - C - Computer (dators), Crochet (tamborēšana), Cup of Cofee (kafijas krūzīte), Capricorn (mežāzis)
so you see what I mean ...

Letter C in our household started with CILVĒKS (human).
We took big piece of paper and drew Sam and Oli on it :) they loved it (because it tickles) and the end result looks a bit weird so we talked about CITPLANĒTIEŠIEM (aliens) too..

Then we looked CAUR (trough) legs just for fun and went outside to play ;)

Next day we built the C with legos ...

It wasn't very strong so we tried different approach and had a blast building and playing in C-shaped farm for CAT, giraffe and sheep ;D

Learning should be fun! ;)

p.s. letter of the week goes on hold as they both are in kindergarden today :) (yay! :D well I have about 2 weeks to figure out what we will do with letter D or maybe we shouldn't skip latvian letter Č)

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