Monday, June 06, 2016

Ribbon bunting!

More colour more fun ;)

I had this ribbon drawer .. 
That would be something I could say if I were fancy .. to be honest I just had a seperate plastic bag for them in my big bag of wrapping paper and gift bags .. and yes that doesn't sound even half as nice as ribbon drawer ..
O, well - it served it's purpose well - it held all the ribbons from previously received gifts, from gifts I had packed myself and used less ribbon than I had expected and what not.

And it seamed to me that there are sooooo much ribbons there, that I figured why not ribbon bunting!

So i cut all of them in random length, burned the ends (so they do not unravel) and sew them one by one to the longer piece of ribbon.. (i did it randomly too!)

I love how it turned out!
Even though I thought I had more ribbons and the bunting would be longer .. now it is almost 5m long, but I was quietly hoping for at least 10 .. o well - next time ;P

Happy crafting and sunny summer! ;)

AND it's my birth day today - HORAY! ;D

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