Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Random rambling: happy accident

Last Tuesday night I fell down the stairs ... accidents do happen :(
And I cried a lot because of the pain and my own stupidity and because it seemed to me that every plan I had made for the summer just went poof...
Now a week later - I know it's nothing mayor just few abrasions and bruises ... but it still hurts (not just my pride :D) I still find it impossible to stand on full foot but it is getting better :)

I am always afraid kids could fall and break something when they climb up and down or just play on stairs but they are smarter and apparently much careful than I am :D
And it all started so simple. I put those rascals to sleep and went to fill a bottle with water (to drink during night) and went down the stairs like a thunderstorm, the noise was scary! :D I still wonder how the kids didn't wake up. and then I say in living room crying for two hours with my heel in frozen peas ...

You ask what's the happiness in all of this?
I got to sit comfortably in my chair with my feet up for most of the day and crochet a lot! (and no one could complain about that! Ha! :P )
I was sent to visit my mom and dad for the weekend (because I obviously wasn't fit for a hike with my kids, instead hubby had to do it >:) Ha!) And normally I get to visit them just twice a year ... (they live 5hours away). My mom and dad treated me like I was 13 not 31 and we went to carousel as well (I hadn't done that in about fifteen years! Amazing!)
I watched Bones :)
AND I came up with a new pattern! Coming up real soon - I have almost finished writing it up and that too could be possible just because I am tied to my comfy chair. If we are talking about new patterns then I must say that Honey Comb Variations is still being tested and refined .. I hope it will be ready soon :)

Stay safe! Be happy! ;)

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