Thursday, June 09, 2016

Roundabout pie

I saw a pie here ... and fell in love with the idea of arranging the veggies in circles and then I made my own - of course I didn't follow the original instructions. Apparently I take pride in reinventing the wheel. :P
Now after quite a few pies I have a routine set for my own vegetable pie :)

3 sheets of frozen puff pastry

1 egg
160g curd
200g cream cheese (in Latvia the clear choice is "Dzintars" for all of you who doesn't live here .. well I just hope you have something similar in your stores too)

Decoration:   ;)
1 beet (boiled, cut in strips)
2 potatoes (boiled, cut in strips)
2 carrots (boiled, cut in strips)
1/2 zucchini (cut in strips)
100g cheese (cut in strips)
100g sausage (cut in strips)
drop of oil

as you can see - decorations list may
and should vary from pie to pie ;)

  1. Start with boiling your veggies (because that will take up quite some time).
  2. Unfreeze puff pastry.
  3. Preheat oven 200。C.
  4. Cut vegetables in long strips (you can use pretty much any vegetable you'd like) about 2 cm wide, 0.3 cm thick and as long as you can ;) Cut cheese and sausage in long strips too.
  5. Fill the base of the chosen baking pan with puff pastry. Bake for 15min.
  6. Make the filling: Whip the egg. Add curd, mix. Add cream cheese, mix (I found it easier to do this with fork).
  7. Take base out of the oven, fill it.
  8. Arrange the decoration ;) start from middle with carrot (because it is pliant) and work your way to the edges. it can be quite messy (at least for me first 10 times I made this everything was everywhere, but the pie was still delicious, now I can brag that kitchen and me is rather clean after making this) 
  9. When you have arranged the veggies+ smear the oil over to make it look better and bake for 35min.
  10. let it cool a bit, like 10 or 15 min and it's ready to be eaten ;)

Just to brag a bit more - I have tried quite a few variations of arrangement too ;)

Happy cooking!
Happy taste buds ;)

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