Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Honey comb variations!

There is a first time for everything ...

I am finally ready to share my latest creation with you ;)
I hope me and my pattern - Honey comb variations - are ready to take on world :P

You can buy the pattern on RAVELRY or ETSY ;)

Make your own stylish blanket/throw!
Each honeycomb starts with a triangle, that gets rounded and then hexagonalized. And then three of these forms a bigger triangle! (sounds way scarier than it is)
Pattern pdf consists of 17 pages of written instructions (US crochet terms) and pictures explaining harder parts.

Somewhere along the way it looked like this too ... (and there are quite a few instagram pics out there as well)

I enjoyed making the blanket and pattern - I hope you will enjoy it too ;)

Btw, I found inspiration in this pic from Pinterest that leads to, but unfortunately I didn't find the bigger picture of this stunning piece and how it looked on someone (if you manage to find it please do let me know) ...

So - go ahead and visit RAVELRY or ETSY and share your thoughts (and hopefully creations as well)!

Happy crafting! ;)

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