Monday, July 11, 2016

Random rambling: yarnends ...

O my ... NO ..
or that is what I usually think when some project comes to a close...

But not this time, this time I allowed myself the time to weave them in not jet starting the next BIG thing and they seemed to disappear on their own ... as I spent those hours patiently working on hiding them in I found myself wondering about a lot of things ... one of those obviously was what should be the next thing and why ...

And then I remembered the NY resolution for this year and realised I must keep on working with my triangles ;) not these obviously, but with the Triangular Madness I was quite obsessed with last year ... lets see if I can fall in love again with my first triangles ;)

Right now I am off to bike ride with my family but - I have already opened the draft of that unfinished pattern to familiarize myself once more with what I had already written and to think about the things I still need to write/draw/crochet/takepicsof to make it really good really soon :)
And of course - to remind myself how to make one of those cute triangles ;P

Happy crafting! 
& Happy procrastination! I seem to love that one too :D

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